D25-003 江南之約
產品名稱 D25-003 江南之約
關鍵字 牆紙
資料提供 健林裝飾材料
店舖: 健林裝飾材料
地址: 香港灣仔駱克道127-131號1樓
電話: 2818 6406
信息: Kinland wallpaper, KINLAND carpet, KINLAND fabric are the trademarks of KINLAND DECOR LIMITED, the qualified decorative materials are sourcing & importing from the most wanted brands worldwide including the collections of Esprit home wallpaper & carpet, Jacadi Paris wallpaper, Brigitte Home wallpaper, Tartine et Chocolat Paris wallpaper and a large number of commercial collections etc.




店舖 : 健林裝飾材料有限公司
地址 : 香港灣仔駱克道 127-131 號 1 樓全層 (港鐵灣仔站 C 出口正對面)
電話 : 2818 6406