Rania™ Infrared
產品名稱 Rania™ Infrared
關鍵字 控制系統 , 電器
資料提供 Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.
店舖: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.
地址: 香港灣仔皇后大道東248號萬成保險中心28樓2808室
電話: 2104 7733
信息: Established in 1961, Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. from the USA is the export in total light control and energy management. As the company that invented solid-state dimmind and the first quiet-electronic-drive shading system in the world, Lutron remains today the only manufacturer capable of controlling both electric light and daylight to improve lighting environment, harvest daylight, save lifghting energy usage and extend lamp life. Lutron products were installed in many prestigious projects worldwide, from White House in USA, Guggenheim Museum in Spain to the Venetians in Macau, Four Seasons and the newly open Ritz Carlton Hotel at ICC in Hong Kong.




地址 : 香港灣仔皇后大道東248號萬成保險中心28樓2808室
電話 : 2104 7733